Looking for an “official” app server market analysis

03-11-06 Jevang
What I want to know is two parts: current statistics and future prediction in China

Relative to whole IT application projects, the percentage of projects that app server being used, in production or under development.

How the pie is divided among app servers: WLS, WAS, JBOSS, anything else?

2 year or 5 year down the road, are we going to see the landscape change? Will JBoss or other open source products will dominant the commercial usage? Or are companies moving to .NET camp ( that sucks!)

If you know something or can point me to the right direct, that would be highly appreciated.

Banq, I know you will meet many IT celebrities in next month Conference, would you post my questions to them, and maybe we can get an answer from authorities.



2003-11-06 10:44

我个人经验,已经我曾经亲自做的关于JBoss 3.0并发性能测试,JBoss 3.0确实是可以商用的。还有Tomca 4,J道论坛基于这样组合,基本7x24无故障,日访问量唯一IP 是3000左右,Pageview预计几十万。一般的商业系统的访问量也就是这个数值?

2003-11-07 00:18
Thanks, but you may misunderstand my question, I am curious about the popularity of jboss and other app servers.