deadLock in tomcat.

04-04-10 abayi
一般在什么的情行会出现 deadlock 呢。(Tomcat)

我无重下手find out the major problem.

and how to fix it?

i analysis the problem is ,

"static" resource or object too much ,so multi-Thread running will easy throws out the deadlock problem.

in j2ee server ,datasource is single object in all server or have many instance in memory.

if datasource is single object in memory( in my mind lah),when many ppl invoke the datasource will not throw the deadlock problem??? (i also have use the synchronized to lock the object or resourse)

how the j2ee server solve the problem.

and Mr. banq ,in your forum server also got many deadlock problem lah(i think ), it is because i got many time to acess your server to read the forum ,but many internet explorer hang out in there,and wait your server response very long time ,some thread is break down ,and not resource or html response to me , some is response until half content and disconnect and some is reject my connection .base on this few point i think is server get the dead lock problem lah.

so how do you solve this problem??

i hope you can share your knowledge to me , cos i also get that problem .

thanks you very much.