ban COME IN仓库管理系统

04-05-05 yuancongjia
我需要做一个仓库管理系统(inventory manager)

客户端是GUI application



(2)GUI----->EJB(business logic layer) JDO(persistence layer)---->DATABASE


(3)GUI(construct a persistence layer myself in GUI layer, and how)------->DATABASE

(4) other suggestion?


(a) if采用entity bean 方式, 当我update gui table 中一个row的时候,

how to map this update in the gui table to the corresponding entity bean


table in GUI(editable table) entity bean

customer_id,customer_name Customer (ejbobject)

then i change the customer_name in the left table in GUI, i want this change to be reflected and executed on the corresponding

ejb, how can i locate the ejb that corresponds to this particular table row in GUI, What's the best way to establish this mapping.

in, Microsoft has databinding mechnasim, is there any conterpart in J2EE.

if (3)

how to establish a persistent layer myself (ie not using any ejb and communicate directly with batabase)

Another question:

If i want to update lots of table rows in a time, and i don't want this update to be excuted immediately, ie cache the change

in the persistent layer.And then after i press a button, say "UPDATE", all the updates will be done to the database. How to

implement such a CACHE mechanism?

2004-05-08 09:46
Gui application用j2ee不是一个好的选择,如果用delphi或者pb会很方便的;

etity bean查询速度慢,性能有问题;