Sun eyes taking JavaOne to China in 2003


Sun Microsystems Inc. hopes to take its JavaOne exhibition and conference to Beijing next year, a senior executive said in Japan on Wednesday as the company opened its second JavaOne event to be held in Asia.

"The plan is to hold JavaOne in Beijing this coming year," said John Gage, chief researcher and director of the Science Office at Sun, speaking at a press conference.

A year earlier at the same event, which was the first JavaOne to be held outside of the U.S., Gage said the company was planning to take the show to China or India in 2002. [See "Sun to foster Chinese Java development," Nov. 30, 2001.]

He explained Wednesday that those plans were put on hold.

"It's very expensive to put on a show, so in the current economic climate we decided to put it off," he said. He also added that the company's current plan to take the show to Beijing "still depends on the stock price and economy."

Initial planning for the event showed considerable demand and Gage said the company had estimated between 10,000 and 15,000 developers would turn up for the conference. That is about double the number of attendees Sun expects to visit the Japan event that opened Wednesday.

China is one of four Asian nations where Sun is planning to hold its smaller Tech Days event in the coming year. The event will take place in early April between events planned for Japan, Singapore and India. Other Tech Days events take place in Brazil, Germany, Canada, France and the U.K.

2002-10-04 18:18

非常好 SUn终于看重中国市场了,这点现在无法和微软相比。