Please help me on it!Cheers Guys.

04-11-30 handfk
Hi everyone,

I am a fresher in a software firm, my first task is to make up a plan on transferring the data in SQL Server Database into xml and then display the xml to be as pdf for user's downloading by XSP-Cocoon. I really feel comfused on it, in case anybody has exact idea on it please give me a hand. Thanks so much. (Sorry for no Chinese input toolkit on this merchine).

2004-11-30 14:44
please search the open porject in, there is a good open souce that solve ur problem.

2004-11-30 15:49
Thanks so much for your reply , Dear banq, so in case I'v got any problems during my going through in "", can I send my quesions in this forum for seeking help? I really expect an confirming answer.

Thanks a million.

2004-11-30 17:05
no prolem , u are welcome.

2004-12-01 12:20
I meet a case just like you .

The diffrence is database.

In my case,The database is Oracle.

and load the data then write the data in xml filse.

I use Caster and xsd to realize it.

I use xsd file to create some bean(JBuilder will be helpful), and later I use these

beans,to write to xml files.

Maybe you can get more info at

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