Please help me on it!Cheers Guys.

04-11-30 handfk
Hi everyone,
I am a fresher in a software firm, my first task is to make up a plan on transferring the data in SQL Server Database into xml and then display the xml to be as pdf for user's downloading by XSP-Cocoon. I really feel comfused on it, in case anybody has exact idea on it please give me a hand. Thanks so much. (Sorry for no Chinese input toolkit on this merchine).

2004-11-30 14:44
please search the open porject in, there is a good open souce that solve ur problem.

2004-11-30 15:49
Thanks so much for your reply , Dear banq, so in case I'v got any problems during my going through in "", can I send my quesions in this forum for seeking help? I really expect an confirming answer.
Thanks a million.

2004-11-30 17:05
no prolem , u are welcome.

2004-12-01 12:20
I meet a case just like you .
The diffrence is database.
In my case,The database is Oracle.
and load the data then write the data in xml filse.

I use Caster and xsd to realize it.
I use xsd file to create some bean(JBuilder will be helpful), and later I use these
beans,to write to xml files.

Maybe you can get more info at

2004-12-01 19:10
i suppose you need xml-binding toolkit to load data into xml.castor is one choice.for pdf transforming ,apache's fop might be suitable for your demand.

2004-12-03 13:24
Thanks all, I am now going for XSP syntax, and I have used Castor to accessed the db and generate the xml file as well.
But it seems that no command or logic sheet in XSP can control the text to wrap automaticlly. Therefore, my generated .pdf file is in messy format.Still feel confused...

2004-12-03 13:47
SportsBaby1980,BTW, is it possible for me to talk with u by MSN, mine is, on the other side, few people use Cocoon, am I right?