Who's Online: Users can see a list of members and the number of guests currently using the forums.

Edit Posts: Users can edit posted messages and administrators can choose different editing modes, such as allowing editing within a certain time frame, always allowing editing or disabling editing entirely.

Forum and category level watches: Users can now watch and receive email updates for forums or categories.

New topic interface: In addition to 'flat' and 'threaded' modes, Jive Forums 3.0 includes a new topic interface that will show one message per page and a tree view of the other messages in that topic.

Moderator functions in default skin: Edit, move, delete messages and branch topics. Moderators can edit, move and delete messages within the default forum view. Additionally, moderators can "branch" off-topic conversations into a new topic.

Improved administrative tool: The administration tool has an updated design for better ease-of-use and efficiency.

Performance enhancements: Jive Forums 3.0 continues to offer unmatched performance and scalability.

Read Tracking: (Professional and Enterprise Only) Users can now identify and track unread messages. Previously in Jive Forums, topics were marked as new content if it was created after the user last visited the site. In Jive Forums 3.0, messages and updated messages in a topic are tracked by click-throughs. In addition, administrators can track how many topics a user has read in a given forum.

Ban Users and Groups: (Professional and Enterprise Only) With Jive Forums 3.0, administrators can ban users or groups of users from posting messages by username or IP address.

Buddy Lists: (Enterprise Only) Users can add other registered members to their online roster and see when they're online.

User Posting Rate Limit: (Enterprise Only) Administrators can specify a posting rate time limit. This would prevent users from posting messages in rapid succession (i.e., message flooding).

Moderation Enhancements: (Enterprise Only) Jive Forums 3.0 adds an additional layer of control to the moderation rules by allowing administrators to moderate specific users or groups of users. Administrators can also specify a moderation exclusion list that would moderate all users in a forum except those in a group or those who are explicitly exempted.

What about in 3.1 and other upcoming releases?

Beyond the 3.0 Release, we have a number of other features planned for the next few releases:

User Avatars: Users will be able to upload pictures or browse a gallery of user images (avatars). Administrators will be able to moderate the size and dimensions of the uploaded pictures.

Announcement topics: Administrators and moderators will be able to designate topics as "announcements" so they will always appear at the top of the topic list.

Personal Messages: (Professional and Enterprise Only) Users will soon have the ability to send private messages to other members through the forum.

Watch enhancements - Digest mode: (Professional and Enterprise Only) Users will be able to specify that watch updates should come in digested mode - that is, the new message notifications will accumulate over the day and the user will receive one summary email. This is particularly helpful for large communities.

Polls: (Professional and Enterprise Only) Ability for administrators or users to create simple polls.


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