Spring experience 10月7日到10日举办

05-10-08 banq

Rod Johnson的演讲题目有:
Advanced IoC with Spring
Extending Spring
Spring Fundamentals
Testing with Spring

Enterprise Integration with Spring: Using JMS and JCA in a Spring Environment

Exploring Spring ORM: From JDO to JSR220 Persistence

Hidden Treasures: 10 Cool Spring Features You Might Not Be Aware Of

Advanced Security with Spring/Acegi Security

Improving the User Experience without the JavaScript hassle: Ajax, DWR, and Spring with Alef Arendsen

Integrating Spring in the Enterprise

Spring & JSF Synergies

Spring, Mule and the ESB

Spring Web Flow: Dialogs for the Web with Erwin Vervaet

The Spring Rich Client Project: Effective Desktop Application Architecture

Developing Web Applications with Spring and Laszlo

Test-Driven Development with Spring and Hibernate

Enterprise Application Management with Spring

Pragmatic AOP with Spring and AspectJ with Adrian Colyer

Spring & EJB

Service-Oriented Spring

Thinking Inside the Box: Building Spring-Enabled Portlet Applications

Spring & Toplink