2005-11-02 12:22




有趣的是,在EJB突然出现以前,你并没有听到很多关于好的设计的讨论,开发者似乎被这些架构许偌的美景迷住了,无论如何,一旦你需要帮助时,你得迈出他们的盒子box,你迷失了。 这些天所有我听到是新语言,IDE工具,好像可以使编码简单。


All these frameworks seem like silver bullets and this is evidenced by the fact that none of them seem to have much staying power. The ironic thing is that instead of decreasing accidental complexity, they seem to increase it. (I never needed all these XML files, complex IDEs, and ORM tools before) It's funny that you don't hear much discussion about good design anymore ever since EJB's popped up. Developers seemed to be enamored with the paint-by-numbers approach towards design that these architectures seem to promise. However, once you have to step outside of their box you find that rather than helping you, they get in your way. All I seem to hear about nowadays are new languages, IDE's, tools, etc that are supposed to make coding easier. What happened to good design? It's amazing that a whole sub-industry has popped up to just replace the layer that places data in an HTML page and the layer that gets data from the database. It's not that hard. You're moving a value from one place to another. It doesn't require a new paradigm or a tool set beyond JSP's, Servlets, and JDBC. These are simple tools that do the job and they're appropriately simple for the simple problem they solve. I've found they only suck when people can't design properly, but no tool is going to fix that.



2006-02-10 12:10


终于有人开始反感Java 1.5的Annotation了

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