Patterns and Frameworks (my first topic)

07-10-09 leefish
Just some feel from my view!

In big IT companys, they prefer to have their own frameworks which will definitely wrap best practice(patterns) or common service to benefit from reuse/flexibility/stability/time to market etc. So, in this case, most of "developers" do not need to know patterns and how to use them, there only need few experts in architecture/design/patterns.

Like other frameworks(Spring/Struts/Hibernate, these mainly for one function module), "developers" only need to know how to configure the whole system working with the XMLs.

These days, reading <Head Frist Design Patterns>, feeling that I must know more about the essence.


2007-10-10 13:55

因为框架不能替代业务,业务建模通过Evans DDD,DDD也需要模式的。


2007-10-10 15:47
About the business logic part, we use IBM IFW Models, it will even generate the source structure of the application.

Of course, IFW is just a tool, I donot know about DDD you mentioned, it's thinking or method I guess, but they both for modelling, right?

So in this situation, where's the patterns?

Nowadays, "simplify" the developing, short time to market is important in companys.

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2007-10-11 10:59



2007-10-11 14:24
although We need to use FrameWork sometime, I think DP is important too.

I have read a book named <<Refactoring to Patterns>>.It tells me a new sight about using Pattern.

Pattern is not only can be use in design,It can make your code more flexible and eliminate duplicate through refactoring.

and I think these is the core use that Gamma think DP can do

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