Rich Client Java vs. PB, Delphi etc

03-04-05 Jevang
There is a interesting thread in

My question is relavent, if you need to build a data entry oriented UI intensive/very interactive client App, will you use Java/Swing, or you still going to use PB or Delphi tranditional desktop tools? Will JBuild( or VisualCafe) requires more effort to build a client/server app than PB? You will use java app only when you have to talk to middile tier java app server?

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2003-04-05 17:50


complicated (=rich interface) w big load 的问题。


再说PC端吧,象QQ如何实现用户一次下载它的客户端,就能实现不仅聊天 还有游戏 社区等各种功能?我想以QQ现在的文件大小和它的思路,除非来一次彻底变革,否则我认为它的市场发展也就现在这么大了,这个问题同样适合联众的游戏。所以在做社区 或游戏时,大家不要以为现在市场已经有老大了,这个领域就停止了,技术不断带给用户方便,用户懒惰和贪婪不断淘汰那些停滞不前的巨兽公司。


2003-04-06 21:13
I will use Rich Client, but not only stick in Java, will try Flash. Look at the macromedia pet store example, it rocks!

Flash MX can connect to Java and .Net .

2003-04-06 23:39
I thought Flash MX are used for web based rich content app, competing with JSP,ASP etc. What about doing typical desktop app but need middle tier and back end DB support? Are PB, Dephi stuffs still out of dated in people's mind?