Voluteer(s) on Webservice?.NET to Topas Server

task description:
Build .NET client framework to integrate with Topas server, a j2ee based app server thru web services.
I am gradually adding web service interfaces to exist topas system services, meanwhile the topas middle tier can wrap up user defined business transactions(in java) and publish them as RPC or DOC based web services. Comparing to typical IIOP/RMI, this has greatly imporved the accessibility and cross platform support.
I am in the middle of writing a web service enabled topas client in java, and I think .NET is another viable solution on client side, my goal is to make .NET developers to access J2EE server as easy as building direct Database applications thru ADO.

For sure this is a very challenging work, as documentations are short in general and I can guarantee you there will be lots of problems in data type/object conversion. how to write .NET tool plug-in is something I have no idea, but my jbuilder plug-in web service communication part can be a reference.

If you have time and are interested in this project, please drop me a email. wanchun@jevang.com is temporarily off, so please email to valueholder@yahoo.com.


我一直在考虑j2ee和其他开发语言的数据交换问题。作为java的中间应用平台,你为何只考虑和.net和topas server的数据交换。我还是前面的一个问题。我想知道你的topas server是不是一个中间应用服务器。有些什么作用。

Why do you want to integrated different languages if the work can be done by one? You don't bother it if don't have to, right? I believe .NET based applications will dominate on desktop side among current Wintel customers, so it can't be ignored.

Regarding topas, please see this thread, my post has a attachment. TOPAS FAQ