hibernate 中的 Interceptor

看了一下hibernate 中的 Interceptor接口中的方法

Called from flush(). The return value determines whether the entity is updated
an array of property indices - the entity is dirty
and empty array - the entity is not dirty
null - use Hibernate's default dirty-checking algorithm

Called when an object is detected to be dirty, during a flush. The interceptor may modify the detected currentState, which will be propagated to both the database and the persistent object. Note that not all flushes end in actual synchronization with the database, in which case the new currentState will be propagated to the object, but not necessarily (immediately) to the database. It is strongly recommended that the interceptor not modify the previousState.

不太理解则么用 这里的Dirty是什么意思啊? 谁能说说



脏数据, 就是更改过得数据