public void setModerationMinThreadValue(int value)

mybillliu 03-08-20

* Sets the default number of moderation points necessary for threads to be
* visible in the forum. The default moderation points value can be used in
* conjunction with the minimum thread moderation points value to
* effectively turn moderation on or off. Consider a default value of 0 and
* a minimum value of 1 -- this will mean that new messages will
* be created below the display threshold of 1, and must be assigned a
* moderation point before being visible.<p>
* By default, the minimum and default message moderation value is 1.
** @param value the minimum number of moderation points for threads to be
* visible.
* @throws UnauthorizedException if does not have ADMIN or MODERATE_THREADS

public void setModerationMinThreadValue(int value)
throws UnauthorizedException;

2003-09-26 16:11