Struts 和Spring ioc 集成

Sewis ia a framework that extends with Struts that integrates Spring Ioc.Struts is a very popular framework for web development based Java servlet and jsp;Spring is a j2ee framework which includes many function like aop,ejb,transcation etc,Ioc(Inversion of control) is the core of Spring framework.using Ioc JavaBean can freely inject into application.
Now all kinds of web-based enterprise application development is very popular,dealing with data is important in the enterprise application .The trend for enterprise application is layering, which can devide different layer in a J2ee application,presentation layer, bussiness layer and persistent layer.How to decople two layers?
what is the project aim,that is decouping layers and based Struts and Spring, and make more easyily to develop reusable application. for example, defining service JavaBean to configure dynamically in xml format file in presentation layer and persistent layer can decouple the two layers.
现在刚开始,已经发布了1.0版,把Struts 和Spring的ioc框架整合到一起了。
这个项目的主要是在基于struts的WEB的分层系统的应用中,把不同的layers通过service delegate(Proxy )模式进行解耦,具体实现则将采用Spring的Ioc框架来实现。
以后可能要对Struts 进行扩展,现在已经扩展了serviceAction.