Internet Banking SA /leader/manager

08-12-17 lan3344

Request Name : Internet Banking SA /leader/manager

Request Level: SPE-3

Priority : High

Urgency : High

Location : Beijing /Shanghai /dalian/chongqing

Headcount : 4

Workforce Type : Permanent Placement (PP)

Department : MDI/FSI-FSI

Role : SA

Job Description :

Work at customer site to design, develop and test internet banking application using weblogic portal 10.0 with spring framework, hibernate etc. integration to bank's MQ EAI system using JMS

Job Requirement:

1. Bachelor+ degree

2. >5 years software project experience in Financial industry.

3. Internet banking experience in recent years is MUST

4. Weblogic portal 10.0 experience is MUST

5. Spring framework with hibernate experience is MUST

6. Knowledge about MQ EAI system

7. Fluent oral English is MUST

8. Oversea work experience is preferred

9. team working

Software Job Qualification & Skills Required

Skill Name Must Have/Optional Skill Level Months of Experience

Internet Banking Must Have Advanced 0

Spring framework with hibernate experience Must Have Advanced 0

Weblogic Portal 10.0 Must Have Advanced


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