Coming back from JBoss Two

Spent a whole day at JBoss conference, which was just across the street of JavaOne venue, it is my first time with jboss event but it’s no doubt to me that it is better than any Java sessions I have attended before in past years( just one exception, its Floyd Marinescu’s presentation about j2EE pattern two years back)

Though I am not good at articulating things but I do want to share some interesting things in this JBoss event with folks here.

Impression on Marc Fleury
“Flamboyant”. That’s what I heard about him, my first look at him reminded me about Hitler, actually there is no facial similarity between them but probably his semi skin head let me think of Nazi. But when he opened his month, his image became the God Father of Italian mafia, the tone he spoke, the gestures used, of course he was speaking English with little bit French accent. Don’t get me worry, he is very good, quite a techi and business savvy person. He gave the first speech on JBoss open source and cool stuffs in JBoss4.0, did a fantastic job to elaborate how AOP is done in Jboss4, he even claimed JBoss is on the side with .NET vs. other J2EE vendors on the other side in term of simplicity, quite a few time he acknowledge .NET for it useful/practical approaches on metadata and declarative nature and easy of use. ( This does not mean .NET is ahead of game, jdk1.5 tiger is on the way remotely, at present, JBoss is standing out )

Follow up his introduction is a show up of JBoss start team members, it’s nice to see them all, but I just don’t want to say too much here.

Then two JBoss partners went on to introduce their integrated products with JBoss, a distributed JMS product and a JMX based JBoss specific performance monitor, I actually missed the most of the second part, as I stayed outside to chat with the CTO Dave and chief architect Mark from that JMS vendor about distribution transaction implementation and webservice. Actually there is a story behind to get me into it this topic:

Next speech is from CTO of Intellij, my favoriate IDE, he gave some inside info about IDEA4.0 and another product which in the category to compete with BEA workshop or WASD, maybe English is not his native language, sometime I feel hard to concentrate on what he said, but it did show good stuffs are piled up for next version. Such as AOP support.

To me, the customer panel session is just marketing campaign, about 7 customers share their experience of using Jboss(good) vs. other vendors( not that good of course). During the break, I did find a chance to speak with Marc in person to thank him and JBoss for providing such as wonderful product which I can used in my project.

The AOP panel, IMHO, was the most delighting session in the day, Bill, CTO of Jboss , a guy from IBM and a professor from Japan gave individual speech about their view about AOP and their idea about declaration of Aspect and implementation, sometime they don’t see eye to eye with each other, mixed with different voices from the audiences, the session was quickly turned into a debate forum, Marc was like hosting a talk show, quite entertaining actually.
AOP is still new, personally I am quite happy to use it in logging, XML parsing, and I have been thinking to implement security cross cut using aspectJ, but the extensiveness of using AOP really make me mouth wide open for a while: tracing, security, transactional, caching( clustered) and persistence etc, Bill gave a live demo and I am convinced.

The end session is about JBoss Group, a professional organization and it’s about how JBoss make money, I like their business model to leverage service to keep the company running and get core developed paid so they can work on full scale. This further valid my concern about pure open source: A legitimate/long term business has to be self sustainable; it can’t be free for everything. Customer also looking for paid service to get better support.

I have been thinking all the way home about the upcoming JBoss server, the concept of POJO( plain old java object, which is going to be popular in jboss community soon),AOP and clustering JMS/Caching, comparing those technologies with my own development suite Topas, though they are still vague, for sure there are lots of territories to be explored with what I have learned today. Today, I just stop here.


JBoss认为他们的目的和微软一样,用复杂的理念AOP把Jboss 4.0做好,使用者却比以往更方便的使用J2EE.

Marc 说, AOP是一次Travel,写aspect是复杂的,但是用却是简单的,应用系统的开发者不应该关心J2EE系统,他们只要建立针对实际应用的系统。

我认为这个口号喊了一段时间,目前比较接近了,我本人一直基于Jboss 3.0 + MySQL开发了几个成熟的J2EE项目,包括这个论坛也是运行在Jboss+Tomcat的平台中,每日刷新率是非常高的,可以参考页面下的统计,这种访问量足以相当一个中型系统的负荷,也就是说,在Jboss平台上,J道平台已经7/24稳定运行了一年。

这次Java大会上,Marc他们一直在强调 “OpenSource is Safe”, 我的经验证明,OpenSource has no problem! WonderFull, 我们为什么要花那么多银子给IBM和BEA买自己都感到惧怕的一个陌生体系?



除了JBoss 4.0 和AOP的突然来到眼前比较让人吃惊外,这次Java大会其它亮点都是之前已经有过讨论:

EJB 3.0将更加容易使用,一个简单的HelloWorld Stateless Session bean包括所有必须的方法,以及home和remote接口,以及部署文件等。这些所有的将在EJB3.0中被5行??? 代替。

J2SE 1.5 猛虎要下山,相比微软Windows平台不断漏洞百出的安全问题,Java成熟应用到那么多领域,很少有类似事情发生,J2SE1.5继承这个良好的特性 继续在security上迈步向前,关于安全问题,国内很多人一直不足够重视,那么因为在他们思维的框架底部,没有互联网 TCP/IP这个概念,他们的思维和决定还是构造在封闭的隔绝的内部网,这种思维方式决定了他们大捧bill gates的臭脚。


整个谈话中,没看到他肯定Java,唯一肯定的一句话是:我们软件产品是把.Net的东西放到Java上运行,为什么说这句话肯定Java? 因为他的潜台词是说:放在Java运行让我放心,而且安全成熟,言外之意是.NET做了那么多年平台,在企业应用的安全成熟上是失败的。





他呀 too young,too simple,sometime naive


在JBoss上部署J2EE很简单,把.ear .war ejb-jar放到deploy目录就可以了,前提是你没有使用container的服务,例如data source,jndi等等。如果有,把原来的weblogic.xml用相应的jboss-service.xml替代就可以了。










我觉得banq兄对微软好像有很大的偏见,虽然我也是Java Fans,也不是很喜欢微软的东东,但是我认为现在网上普遍对微软的批评有点过了,或许在这里帮微软说话有遭版砖的危险,但是我还是认为微软仍然是值得尊敬的公司。我们做项目只从满足用户需求出发,不管使用何种技术、何种架构,能够尽可能满足用户需要、解决用户问题的系统就是好的,毕竟大家都不想做出系统孤芳自赏吧

The most important news for web developpers is NOT JSF,

ECHO is the best!





我是天才的数学家,现在宣布歌德巴赫猜想我已想好如何证了,任何证出的人都是盗用了我的证明。要问我的证明在哪? 保密:)

另外,banq你说jdon是jboss+tomcat做的, 但是tomcat的性能好象不太好,你是怎么做到的?怎么配置的? 用的是什么硬件?谢谢。