EJB和Java Beans的区别是什么啊

Java Beans技术的好处是什么?与EJB相比,它的主要使用场合是什么?

javabeans是最早的技术,后来在其上发展为Enterprise Javabean



EJB 是SUN 提供的一种企业应用架构。主要分session, entity
JAVABEAN 是用来封装Business logic,它主要跟JSP/Servlet使用



EJB is a server-side component architecture.
JavaBean is java classes that has get/set methods, it is reusable java component with properties,evens,and methods.

JavaBean is smaller that Enterprise JavaBean. we can use javabeans to assemble larger components or to build entire applications. JavaBean is developement component instead of deployable component. We don't deploy javabean,rather, JavaBean helps us construct larger software that is deployable. And because javabean can not be deployed, Javabean doesn't need to live in a runtime environment and be initalized as well.